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Poppy’s 1st Annual Groundhog Day Scavenger Hunt Event

Relax with Poppy Pack | Poppy the Groundhog | Hempfield Botanicals
Poppy's 1st Annual Groundhog Day Scavenger Hunt Event

Have you heard of the famous marmot, Poppy the Groundhog? If not, you’re missing out! Little miss Poppy is a rehabilitated groundhog that unfortunately could not be released back into the wild due to her genetic condition. Poppy grew in her stardom, when Jeep asked her to be in their 2020 Super Bowl ad with, none other than Bill Murray! If you’re a fan of Groundhog Day, it’s a must-see commercial. Check it out here.

Since then, Poppy has continued to live the good life and raise awareness for wildlife rehabilitation, alongside her caregiver and “mom,” Betsy. Poppy and Betsy head up Acorn Acres Wildlife Rehabilitation right here in Lancaster where they care for injured bunnies, squirrels and groundhogs. They’re a place that our community can turn to when we have wildlife injury needs.

How You Can Participate On Groundhog Day

Well, beginning Tuesday, February 2, 2021 (Groundhog Day) Acorn Acres Wildlife Rehabilitation is inviting our community and followers to participate in “Poppy’s 1st Annual Groundhog Day Scavenger Hunt Event” by purchasing the Poppy related products at participating local businesses. Due to COVID (to provide social distancing) and the fact that groundhogs need to be celebrated for more than 1 day a year, we are running this event through 10pm on Saturday, February 6, 2021.

Then on February 2 at 11am #PoppytheGroundhog will make her FB Live official prognostication on Acorn Acres Wildlife Rehabilitation page. Following her prognostication at Betsy will do a Live Q&A starting at 11:00 am EST. This will be a live educational event with Poppy where you or your children will be able to ask questions and learn all about Poppy and all her groundhog friends. Later in the afternoon, Poppy will be doing random unannounced “Poppy Pop-Ups” at all of the partnering downtown business locations.

With each Poppy related item purchased you will receive a voucher. Then on Sunday, February 7th Poppy herself will select a voucher (live on FB – time 11am). The selected voucher owner will receive a Groundhog Day basket with related goodies.

Details of each partnering business along with the item(s) featured are listed on the Acorn Acres Wildlife Rehabilitation website

Together with AAWR, we are thrilled to partner with our local small business friends to bring you a fun, socially-distanced way of celebrating one of Pennsylvania’s most popular days; Groundhog Day! 

Relax with Poppy Pack | Poppy the Groundhog | Hempfield Botanicals

Relax with Poppy Pack

We know how much Poppy the Groundhog loves to nap so why not encourage a sense of calm with a little extra comfort! The “Relax with Poppy Pack” includes Comfort Oral Oil, 300 mg (one of our best sellers), a FREE Hempfield Botanicals CBD lip balm and will be packaged in a reusable canvas tote with a custom Poppy tag! To pre-purchase your Relax with Poppy Pack and pick up at our Lancaster location the week of February 2, 2021, visit the link here.

PLUS 40% of all Relax with Poppy Packs sold will be donated to Acorn Acres Wildlife Rehabilitation.


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